Wednesday 7 September 2016

Eve Mattress Unboxing (and Review)

We were so happy to recently be asked to put a brand new eve mattress to the test and let you all know what we thought of it. This is what it looks like:

Seems like we missed the memo from the Sleep Council suggesting you should change your mattress every 7 years.... our old mattress had gone well past its Best Before. We'd been sleeping on it since 1997!

For the past few months (I'm surprised it wasn't longer!) I'd been waking up with severe backache, barely able to walk first thing in the morning, and the pain would last a few hours. As a carer, it's true to say I'm generally pretty rubbish at taking care of myself at any point, but I knew this had got to a ridiculous stage.

It was good luck then, that I'd heard of the eve mattresses - amazingly, they are delivered in a box, like this:

I was intrigued - would a foam mattress that comes in a box really be good enough for a lady who is clearly no spring chicken any more?!

It's not just any old foam mattress though; there are apparently 3 foam layers, all surrounded in a plush fabric cover. There are 4 centimetres of contouring memory foam, then 3 centimetres of cooling foam, with a thick supportive layer of base foam underneath. The side of the mattress cover is a sunny yellow, made out of fabric designed to encourage airflow and keep the mattress cooler.

So the 'delivered in a box' thing.... surely a mattress is too big for that?! We thought we'd have a go at one of those Unboxing videos on YouTube to show you we're not fibbing. Not totally convinced the video will do as well as those little chocolate egg ones, but here you go anyway:

Here's how it looked when we first got it out of the box - once the packaging was open it very quickly sprung (pardon the pun) into shape, though it takes a few hours to expand to full thickness. I'll admit that the box was a *little* heavy to get upstairs (and sadly the delivery is to your door only) so you may want to bear in mind that you'll need some extra hands to help when yours arrives.

You'll see in the video (what do you mean, you haven't watched it yet?!) that the packaging is pretty special; not only yellow and sunny, but with wise slogans and sayings printed all over the inside of the box. Here's a couple of my favourites:

The eve mattress has a 10 year guarantee (for issues other than normal wear and tear, obviously!) but what's even more special than that is the fact that this company offers a 100 days home trial. So if, for any reason, you don't love it, they will come and collect it from you for a full refund. I can tell you, hand on heart, that I love our eve mattress. So soft and comfy. We've had it for around three weeks now and I'm not sending it back. It didn't take me long to adjust to it at all, and I would definitely recommend it.

There are also eve Pillows to go with your mattress; whilst we didn't receive one of these to test out, I am now seriously thinking of buying a couple. If they're as comfy as the mattress, we're onto a winner!

Disclosure: we were sent this mattress in exchange for our honest opinions of it on this blog.