Wednesday 9 November 2016

Bring Barack Back!

Surely thousands of Americans won't vote for a man who has been labelled racist, sexist, fascist, anti-disabled, idiotic etc? Oh, wait.

2016 will most definitely go down as one of the worst years ever. On the positive side it's going to mean lots of fresh content for future children in history lessons.

Just as with happened in Brexit, the people have voted for change. Grass is always greener, frying pan into the fire. I guess it comes down to personalities in some cases - are you willing to risk everything to see what happens, or are you happy with your lot?

So what of the argument that it's easier to be happy when you are not living on the breadline? I can appreciate that - if your life is as bad as it can get, then there's little to risk. That's not to say all of those who are poor think that way, and anyhow it's just not possible that all of those who voted for Trump are the poorest people. So are they voting for the Republican policies rather than for the man himself? I'm trying to make myself believe that.

So would they have voted Barack back in if they had been able to? There's an interesting question, one we'll sadly never know the answer to. His presidency has caused few ructions and it seems too mild to say that it's a 'shame' that the Democrats couldn't find a candidate who would be better accepted than Hilary.

I'd never suggest a second referendum* but I do think it would be interesting to put the Brexit question back out there 'just for fun' and see what people think now that the lies of the campaign have been exposed and some of the necessary changes are becoming clearer. I wonder how many thought that Brexit would mean something different to what has actually happened?

My wish for the future is that we start teaching our children more life skills at a younger age. Politics at primary school - does anyone know of it happening already?! There must be a way of making it age appropriate, but weaving it into the curriculum for future generations so that by the time they get to voting age, they understand what they are voting for and why. I'm not saying there aren't those who do understand by the time they vote, but clearly not everyone does.

Only time will tell what happens next. I'm guessing there won't be much immediate impact but my advice to everyone would be to live life to the full, enjoy what you have. The future is definitely tinged with orange.

Next time #imwithmichelle.

*furtively checks back over Facebook posts to see whether I ever did*

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