Friday 3 February 2017

SEND Stars 9

It's time for the next post in my SEND Stars series, where I introduce you to the blogger behind the SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) blog.

All the people answering my questions have a life which involves SEND in some way. So much more going on for them than I can cover with a few basic questions, but it's still nice to hear a little bit about them. 

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Time for Blogger Number 9 in the series.... and another cracking photo!


Hexmum blog family

Who are you and how old are you? 

I’m Mandi Morrison and I celebrated my 40th birthday this year.

Who else is in your family and what are their ages? 

I live with my husband Asa, who is a couple of years older than me, and our seven children, Xene (18), Lochlan (16), Neva (13), Kaide (11), Eowyn (8), Tyrus (5) and Viggo (3)  

Which members of your family have SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) or additional needs, and what are those needs? Is there an official diagnosis and if so, what is it, at what age was it given and by who? 

Tyrus has ASD with additional sensory issues.

Is there an official diagnosis and if so, what is it, at what age was it given and by who?

Tyrus was given his diagnosis in June 2016, after his case went before an Autistic Diagnostic panel, and I was given it by his paediatrician, the second one he has had, and has now left the position, so we have no idea who will be at his next appointment!

Can you list the job roles of everyone you've been involved with on your SEND journey so far? 

I knew from quite an early age that Tyrus had additional needs, after having five children previously, you just know! I raised my concerns with the SENCO at his preschool, we’ve had involvement from the Early Years Adviser, Health Visitor, Speech & Language therapist, Paediatrician(x2), Occupational therapist appointment is in December and we are currently waiting for the educational psychologist to assess Tyrus for his EHCP. I am currently attending an Early Birds + course, along with his class teacher, which is amazing, and I would recommend any parent that is given the opportunity to enrol.

Are your children in school (if so, what type of school) or home educated? 

Tyrus is in mainstream school, a small Primary that all of his siblings have attended, he has additional support in the classroom and an IEP, he is still following the Early Years curriculum for some elements of his learning, but he loves school.

What would you like others outside the SEND community to know about your child's condition? 

Tyrus is just like any other 5 year old boy, he has a wicked sense of humour and he knows exactly what is going on, it’s just that he sees the world slightly differently, he has trouble expressing how he is feeling and he has no sense of danger, which makes life interesting, he has six amazing brothers and sisters that are helping him to communicate with the world, I am very lucky that his classmates have know him for quite a while and they accept him for who he is, he is never excluded and always gets invited to parties and activities, although most of the parents know he won’t attend, but it is lovely that they treat him like everyone else, it makes me very sad when I see stories of children being excluded from events, just because they are a little different, if I could give one piece of advice to parents outside of SEND it would be to look past the exterior and get to know the person deep within, it is so worthwhile, teach your children to accept everyone and never exclude someone because they appear slightly different.

Tell us a fact or funny story about you or your life which is totally unrelated to SEND.....  

I am partial to a bit of fancy dress! We have at least three Rugby Socials each year and every one of them is Fancy dress, so much, that I have an entire wardrobe full of costumes (you can’t be seen in the same outfit two years in a row!) Thankfully most of the children and Asa love dressing up too, we once went to a surprise 40th dressed as an entire family of The Incredibles.


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