Saturday 4 February 2017

Vileda Easy Wring Clean Turbo mop and bucket (review)

Although I do actually love a good carpet, we are going to have plenty of flooring in our new house and so I figured I should probably take the time to review a product which I will make good use of when we move - the Vileda Easy Wring Clean Turbo mop and bucket.

Easy Wring Clean Turbo mop and bucket

Easy Wring Clean Turbo mop and bucket

The items come packaged separately for ease of carrying the box home but they are very quick and easy to put together. The handle extends to whatever length you need it to be - great news if your partner is much taller (or smaller) than you!

Easy Wring Clean Turbo mop and bucket

The mop itself has a microfibre head which is triangular in shape, to help get into hard to reach areas. The red parts of the head mean it has an improved particle pick up, and the whole head is machine washable. The mop bucket, whilst light to carry, feels sturdy, and the handle is unusually set on lengthways, which makes it much easier to carry. The key selling point of the whole product is the foot operated wringer which means the dampness of the mop can be controlled. Just a few presses down on the pedal with your foot spins the inside section and the mop is almost dry again - hardly any effort involved, which is a winner in my book!

Easy Wring Clean Turbo mop and bucket

It might sound a little extreme to say I was impressed with a mop... but I honestly was. This is much better than others I've tried before, and I would totally recommend it. Perfect for tiles, wood and laminate so pretty much anything goes (but not carpet)! Available now at all the usual good homeware places but currently on sale direct from the Vileda website.

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