Monday 19 June 2017

Siblings {June 2017}

Now I know we're not allowed to complain about the weather, so I'll just say it has definitely been a scorcher of a weekend. Just right for Sasha's party and then my birthday today!

So after the fun and games of the party yesterday, we've done very little today... apart from a nearly 2 hour round trip in the car to collect a birthday present for Sasha (don't ask, but let's just say that Toys R Us are not my favourite store right now...). That was in my car, the one where the air conditioning isn't working, on the hottest day of the year. Oh joy. Anyhow once home I then spent an hour helping to put together the Playmobil hospital that was badly wanted and luckily most appreciated when it arrived.

After tea, both girls went into the garden to cool down - in the fab new pool which Mr C had very kindly put up on Father's Day! What a star he is. The girls played so nicely together, giggling and ganging up on their poor old Dad with the water balloons. 'Such fun'! So this month's siblings pics can remind me of all the birthdays and special occasions rolled into one..

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful
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