Friday 7 July 2017

Live at Pizza Express!

I couldn't believe my luck last week when I was offered pizza, Prosecco and dough balls at the newly refurbished Pizza Express in High Holborn, London.

Pizza Express Live brochure

Not only are they three of my favourite things ever, but it meant I got a chance to escape the house and pretend I was a grown-up again - my journey even took me past the tall glass office block in central London where I used to work many moons ago!

This restaurant is very near to theatre land and Covent Garden so is well worth noting in your memory bank for when you are next in the big city. It has been given beautiful tan leather seating and the flooring is now a high quality oak, making the whole space feel very upmarket. There's also some beautiful artwork and a very stylish bar area towards the back, which is where we were put to work with the dough.

There were several bloggers invited along the evening I was there, as you may notice from my arty shots with other cameras in...

We took part in a pizza making party very much like the ones you can book for your child's birthday in Pizza Express restaurants across the country (except with much more Prosecco). We were given a demonstration of how to flatten and stretch the dough, which is actually much trickier than it looks.

Our chef flung his up into the air but I had a suspicion that if I tried likewise, pizza would then be off the menu, so I decided to stick with a rolling pin.

Of course I couldn't resist a nod to my two girls while I was there; I knew this would make them smile....

Making pizzas at home with children always seems so simple in that 'throw it on' kind of way, but it would seem there's an exact science to every step - a ladle full of sauce, spread from the centre out so it's not too thick or too thin, for example.

I think we were all quite proud of our efforts as we sent them off to the kitchen... however eating my cooked version which was returned to me only served to prove cooking is not my strength. My pizza was good, but not as amazing as the ones made by the real Pizza Express chefs!

After our food, we were excited to see this sign as we were led downstairs to the real star of the show in this particular restaurant.... 
Pizza Express Live

 ....a basement venue for live music to go with your pizza and Prosecco. 

High Holborn Pizza Express Live venue

It's an amazing space set up with a variety of table options for couples or groups of various sizes, and there's a semi circular bar right at the front of the stage if you're keen to be up close. Food will be served before and during the shows, which will be ticketed events, and the sound system which we got to test out is brilliant.

A variety of music and comedy acts are being booked to perform here in High Holborn when it opens in September; Pizza Express Live already has five other venues in the UK, including their Soho setting which is exclusively for jazz. For more information on what's on when, check out the Pizza Express Live website.

Will Young picture
Will Young performing at Pizza Express Live in Birmingham

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Pizza Express. All experiences, opinions and words are my own!

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