Friday 29 September 2017

BritMums Live 2017 - Top Ten Facts

BritMums Live is a big, annual blogging conference which hundreds of bloggers from all over the UK (and further afield) attend. You might be amazed to learn (I was!) that this year will be my fifth BML. Last year I was pleasantly surprised to be nominated be nominated and end up as a finalist in the Inspire category for the BiB awards (Brilliance in Blogging).

BritMums Editors 2016
I first blogged about BritMums Live as a relatively 'new' blogger back in 2012, which is when I first met lovely Steph Nimmo who writes at Was This In The Plan? (she actually has a book out right now, don't ya know?!). A lot has happened in life for all of us since then - I even managed a couple of years of editing the BritMums SEND round-up (thanks to the amazing Hayley from Downs Side Up for believing I could do it!). See the latest version here - now brought to you by Rainbows are too beautiful... who will also be at this year's BML.

There was the year with the naked waiters...


the year with lots of selfies...
And the year with the tiaras...


And let's not forget the Mummies Guinness World Record, and the pink flamingos...

So anyway, apart from bringing you this photo montage of the kind of fun I've had at this event over the past few years, I thought I would also tell you some things which you may not know about me.

Top Ten Facts

1. I'm now 45 years old, and have a lot of grey hairs, so I try my best to expertly cover them with hair dye.

2. I'm originally from 'up norf', born in Manchester and grew up in St.Annes-on-sea (which I like to describe as the posh end of Blackpool). I've been living 'dahn sarf' for over 13 years now.

3. Since the age of 18, I've lived in about 10 different houses, from one of the country to the other (Reigate to Glasgow).

4. I say 'about' because I have a terrible memory.

5. I do know that I did get a degree in International Business and German, but that at least one of the years was spent drinking far more than I should have done and not going to any lectures (sorry mum, in my defence they were all in German) so therefore my result wasn't as good as it could have been. I like to think of it as a life experience.

6. When I was nine years old, my rebel of a mum took me and my brothers out of school to go and stay on an oil tanker with my Dad. He was a Chief Engineer in the Merchant Navy and worked away at sea for six months at a time. We missed him. This time, the tanker was moored just off Grand Bahama Isle, so we lived on it for six months, and then had the holiday of a lifetime in Florida afterwards. Lucky b@~$ers I know.

7. Whilst I have two brothers who are both equally principled about various issues in different ways, I'm more of a sit on the fence kind of person. I rarely have strong views and genuinely often see both sides of an argument. Conflict makes me feel uneasy.

8. For the reason stated above, I like to imagine that people just think of me as 'nice' (hopefully not boring). Sadly, nice isn't often very memorable, which is one more reason why I shan't be running for PM any time soon.

9. I started my blog over seven years ago, on the day I found out that our youngest daughter had been diagnosed with autism. It's been my free therapy ever since!

10. I am so grateful to anyone who has read my blog and left comments over the years, and to those who have tried to understand a little more about Pathological Demand Avoidance. Our girl is not being naughty when she refuses to do things. She has higher levels of anxiety than most children and a different way of understanding the world. She is different, not less, as Temple Grandin would say. She is different, and unique, just as every one of us is, as I would say (that is not the same as saying we are all a little bit autistic, we are not).

So there you go. Some random facts about me. If you are a blogger who is also going to BritMums Live 17 then please do come and say 'hello' - I look a bit like this on a (very) good day, and I may even be with this lovely lady and her gorgeous baby at some point....
Steph Curtis and Victoria Welton
Me and the lovely Victoria from VeViVos
For a quick look back at what went on in some previous years of BritMums Live, click on the years below:




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