Monday 2 October 2017

The Monday Motivation Linky #5 - 2/10/17

Today it's hard to be motivational, or positive. Shockingly sad news from Vegas, and Marseille.
Love what you have Live for the moment
Picture says: Love what you have. Live for the moment.
Closer to home, today is the day that Sasha's classmates head off on their school Year 6 activity trip. It's difficult to try and forget the fact that this morning, all of them will have headed into their classroom with big kit bags packed, excitedly chattering, all ready to spend a week away together.

They'll be walking, and canoeing, cycling, abseiling, creating special memories together, just as our eldest did with her friends two years ago. 

It's hard not to be sad about the fact that Sasha is unable to join them. Months ago we talked about how we would prepare her for such a trip, and there was little doubt that I would have to go along for the week too. But we'd hoped she would still be able to enjoy that experience, and to feel that she belonged. 

Sadly Sasha is more alone than ever. Ironically this is the week when a decision will be made about her future. People who have never met her will decide, on the basis of just her paperwork, whether they will offer her a place in a different school. A special school. We may find out that answer next week, or the week after, or even later than that. Who knows? 

Sometimes it's the waiting which is worst, the being in limbo. It feels like we can't get on with life because we have no idea what that is going to look like in the medium-long term. Lots of people don't know for sure, but most can at least take a good guess. 

Today I'll be trying to head outside with Sasha for some fresh air and hopefully a bit of autumn sunshine. I'll be trying to shield her from the awful news which is breaking this morning and we will live for the moment.

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