Saturday 16 June 2018

Siblings {June 2018}

After an enforced break from this blog, I'm coming back with a very quick Siblings post. May and June are always busy months at home for me, with both the girl's birthdays, and so the blog definitely has to take a back seat. There's so much going on I'd love to write about though! Another week or so and I'll be back with a bigger bang...

For now, here's this month's siblings photos. One above taken last night, when Sasha was still 10, and one below taken this morning, when she was 11! Yes, it's Sasha's birthday today, and she's having a party later, which is another reason why I can't hang around...

The photos were snapped in Sasha's bedroom, where the walls are all pink and the light is terrible, so I apologise for the rubbish quality. One of these days I will learn how to use my proper posh camera and have it next to me at all times... maybe.

Happy June everybody!

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