Monday 9 July 2018

Harry Potter Goblet of Fire at Warner Brothers Studios

Any Harry Potter fans out there?! If you are, and you've not yet made it to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in Watford (near London), I can totally recommend booking as soon as you can. Even the website is fantastic - check out
harry potter and goblet of fire tv image

Our eldest girl is a huge fan and knows the Harry Potter books inside out. 
Sasha has not read or watched any of the films, but still enjoys visiting - and that's high praise from someone who struggles to leave the house very often, and who doesn't like being in places with lots of people!
eldest girl in front of harry potter map which says I solemnly swear i am up to no good

We've been for the Studio Tour four times now and have loved it every time (see my Sweets and Treats review and our Mother's Day trip). Every time we go, there is something new to see but we also always find more bits and pieces of interest which we didn't see during our last visit - this place is just so vast, and informative.

Goblet of Fire and costumes in Harry Potter Warner Brothers studios London

The latest theme is all about the Goblet of Fire, with a special feature running until 23rd September 2018. There are props which have never been seen here before, including, of course, the Goblet of Fire, which spits out burnt parchment bits just like in the film. You'll never guess who it predicts will win the Triwizard Tournament?! New costumes and props are to be found in the Great Hall too.

Triwizard tournament cup Harry Potter

We loved the Prefects' Bathroom Taps which have multicoloured running water, and the corresponding miniature model. 
multicoloured prefects bathroom taps harry potter

model of prefects bathroom taps harry potter

Sasha dashed through the whole place at her usual breakneck speed so we had to work hard to slow her down and enable our eldest girl to see all the detail she wanted. 

Sasha in front of Hogwarts Express Harry Potter

Forbidden Forest spiders

Steph's Two Girls in front of Privet Drive

floating letters in Privet Drive

There is so much to see and do though that with a fair amount of backwards and forwards we managed to keep Sasha there for a good couple of hours. We enjoyed the Forbidden Forest, Privet Drive and Platform 9 3/4 along with Sasha's other favourite, the computer animated dancing screens:

Sasha dancing in front of the knight bus at harry potter warner brothers studios

I'm not quite sure what everyone else was thinking of Sasha's display in front of the Knight Bus, but it's the kind of place where nobody seems to bat an eyelid because they are all too engrossed and having so much fun themselves!

sasha overlooking giant hogwarts model

tamsin waving her wand at giant hogwarts model

I honestly can't recommend this place enough; you can have as much time as you like to wander through the exhibits and it can easily take several hours if you're a huge fan, so it is well worth the entry price. Warner Brothers Studio Tour is also very accessible and helpful to disabled visitors, so top marks from me there too. A fab day out.

Disclosure: we were given free tickets for an evening event to explore this new feature, with no commitment to write any review. However we loved it so much we want to share it with you!

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  1. We visited for the first time recently and found it to be totally breathtaking! Hope to visit again in future as all 3 kids are big Harry potter fans. x


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