Saturday, 23 March 2019

Anime and Gacha Life achievements

Today Sasha has given me permission to share this picture with you, one she created herself. I love it!
sasha's anime drawing of a colourful girl
Sasha would also like to share her YouTube channel with readers of this blog - she's been creating these Gacha Life videos and wants me to tell you that she is currently 'working on the epic final conclusion'.
Any comments over there (click on the words YouTube at bottom right) or on this blog post much appreciated, she will read them all!

With this I wanted to send a word of hope to other parents out there who have maybe only just started down the diagnosis path, or who have a recent diagnosis for their child, especially if that child has siblings.

We recently went to the parent-teacher evening at our older daughter's school, and spoke with seven different teachers about her test results so far and about what options she will be taking for her GCSEs. This is of course in stark contrast to the parent-teacher meeting we had at Sasha's school a couple of weeks ago, with her one class teacher, talking about social and emotional developments rather than any kind of academic levels.

In the early years, all those kinds of comparable moments between siblings stirred up huge emotions in me. I was often to be found with tears in my eyes at times in the primary school, watching Tamsin take part in and enjoy her class assemblies, and when she was selected for special trips because of her great behaviour etc. At the same time as feeling obviously very proud of Tamsin, I used to feel sad that Sasha couldn't have these same experiences. Everything felt very unfair.

Fast forward several years and of course the differences are still there, but I now feel more able to view everything from another standpoint. Both of our girls are progressing in ways that suit them. It should never be about what we as parents expect or want them to achieve. We are just here to guide. Sasha is overcoming lots every day to still be attending school, and with support from the right people she is now achieving so much, in ways we'd never have imagined. Sasha came home with this picture which she'd drawn herself at school; she's very proud of it and that in itself is a huge achievement. On top of that, she has acknowledged that there is a girl at school who is a better drawer of anime, but Sasha is determined to improve her own skills regardless. So much progress.

To parents who are at an earlier stage on their journey in this SEND world, my message is that time brings new perspectives and a chance to appreciate life all the more. Comparing siblings and their experiences is pointless; we are all individuals with our own paths to follow!

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  1. Super artwork Sasha wish I could draw always wanted to but just can’t seem to

    1. It's not one of my strengths either... think one of her grandparents has some talent though!

  2. I LOVE Sasha's picture! It's got real individual style. I'm glad you're proud of it Sasha - you should be!

  3. Love these Sasha! You are a very talented girl.

    1. Thank you. Talents should definitely be applauded :) x

  4. Sasha is clearly is very talented artist. I love it.

    1. Thank you! I hope she does lots more art, especially if it makes her happy!

  5. Totally agree. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Pleasure. It's so easy to not realise all of this at the start.

  6. My girls are in to the same things, I'll send them over to Sasha's YouTube channel. I love her drawing, the rainbow colours are gorgeous x

    1. Thank you - yes rainbows have always been a favourite here!

  7. the rainbow is so nice!


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