Tuesday 23 April 2019

Nintendo LABO VR Kit review

We were thrilled to have been sent the Nintendo LABO VR Kit to review over the Easter holidays. We had high hopes, as our autistic daughter has already received the other Nintendo LABO kits (Robot, Variety and Vehicles) as previous birthday and Christmas presents, and we have been so impressed with all of them. The LABO kits are designed to be used with the Nintendo Switch.
nintendo labo vr kit box
We haven't been disappointed with this new release; the VR Kit is just as amazing as the previous kits and has given hours of play already. There are six Toy-Con projects within this main kit; the VR goggles, Camera, Blaster, Bird, Wind Pedal and Elephant. 
Nintendo labo vr kit back of box
The idea of Nintendo LABO is that children or adults can build these items out of cardboard. Wait, cardboard?! Doesn't that sound cheap and old-fashioned? Well, it's not just any old cardboard, I can tell you.

It is super durable and very cleverly printed and constructed so that anyone can follow the clear instructions and create items which are built to last. Here's what the box looks like when you first open it:
nintendo labo vr kit whats inside box
The fact that Sasha can make these toys herself with very little input from me is a huge plus point. She couldn't wait to get started and dived in straight away:
sasha making the nintendo labo VR goggles
In the box with all the pre-printed cardboard pieces comes a smart card which slots into the Nintendo Switch. The builder is then walked through every little step in a fun but not patronising way, to make sure the kits stay together and work at the end. The kits are aimed at children aged 7 and older; initially I wondered if Sasha might get too frustrated with building them and having to follow the steps on-screen, but they are not at all fiddly or frustrating. Thankfully, the directions are written in such a fun way that the demands are disguised.
nintendo switch screen showing labo instructions
Ta-dah! The goggles were a huge hit. I actually like the fact that they don't attach to the head (and they were designed this way intentionally), as that means arms will get tired and children will give themselves a natural break from the screen.
sasha holding VR goggles
This video shows our girl using them for the first time - they are clearly very interactive and intuitive:

After the goggles, Sasha went on to make the other items - an elephant, the camera and the bird were next. The bird is her favourite so far... I'm waiting until she's back in school and then I can have a go on them all myself!
sasha using nintendo labo elephant VR kit
The VR Plaza has 64 fun VR mini games, like a UFO crane game, a driving game, and more. Some of the mini games can be played using Joy-Con controllers and others using the Toy-Con creations. Another impressive side to this kit is that you can even invent your own VR games using simple combinations of inputs and outputs, in Toy-Con Garage VRThere is also the option to buy a lower price point kit with just two of these projects in initially, which can then be added to at a later date with expansion packs. 

I think we'd struggle to say which Nintendo LABO kit is the best; they've all given us lots of fun and all had easy instructions to follow. We definitely recommend any of them! You can check them out on the Nintendo website here: Nintendo LABO kits.

Disclosure: we were sent these kits to review and asked for our honest opinion. All thoughts and words are our own.

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  1. This looks fab! My son is obsessed with the Labo so I think this will be a must have in our future!

    1. Honestly, can't rave about it enough. All of them are fab!


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