Tuesday 12 November 2019

BAPS Blogging Awards 2020 for SEND parents

Last year I was thrilled to be able to attend the BAPS Blogging Awards for the first time. BAPS actually stands for Bloody Awesome Parents and Supporters and these awards were the brainchild of the amazing teams behind Bringing Us Together and My Family Our Needs. They are a chance to recognise not only parents who are writing blogs about their children with additional needs, but also other parents and helpers in this huge SEND community.
BAPS winners on stage and me!
BAPS winners 2019 - and me posing as Miriam!
Last year my blog didn't make it into any of the shortlists sadly but I was thrilled when my good friend Miriam who blogs at Faithmummy asked me to accept an award on her behalf if she was to win it. That is how I have come to own some photos of me looking like a winner!

My heart was beating super fast as I got up on stage and I was super grateful that Miriam had been better prepared than me with a short acceptance speech... my voice still wobbled a little as I read it, partly because I was filled with emotion at how pleased she would be to win the award.
The nerves were also partly because I was a little star struck at the chance to stand next to gorgeous Carrie Grant who has been a huge inspiration to me - she has kindly shared her family's experiences of autism with the media in order to help others.
Carrie Grant in front of lit up BAPS sign
It was a brilliant night out, despite me having to act like Cinderella (with no alcohol!) and drive home that night ready for my teen's birthday the next day. For 2020, the date has changed and so there's no birthday clash... I would dearly love to join all these fabulous people in the SEND community there again, but really not sure that I'll make it onto any shortlist (and hopefully Miriam would make it there herself this time if she does again).

So... here goes with the desperate sounding plea. If you've ever enjoyed anything I've written, and feel you could maybe nominate me in one of the categories below, please do - the closing date for nominations this Thursday 14th November, so there are only two days left to do this. I know everyone is busy so no judgement if you can't but of course it is much appreciated if you can.

The categories are: 

Best Use of Media - Parents who use social media – YouTube, Instagram Stories, Facebook stories, Facebook Live, Periscope, Podcast or similar to share their experiences.

Blog Post with Biggest Impact - Blog post written within 12 months of the nominations opening which has made an impact. It could have made you laugh, cry or take action but it stays with you long after reading it.

Newcomer - This category recognises excellent newcomers. A person who started blogging in the 12 months before nominations opened.

Truth About SEND - This category celebrates bloggers who write about the reality of SEND. Someone who doesn’t just share the good times or the bad, but someone you can relate to.

Making a Difference - BAPS began to celebrate SEND bloggers and raise awareness of additional needs. This category recognises those blogs and bloggers parents feel make a difference – whether this is in an active campaign style or a quieter, but equally needed way

Bloody Awesome Parent Award - Someone who doesn’t blog but deserves recognition for what they do or have done. It could be the mum who runs a support group, a dad who set up an inclusive sports club, or parents who set up a much needed free school or have been working on behalf of parents in the background for years.

Travel & Accessibility - A blogger who writes about travelling and/or accessibility who shared advice and tips on making the world accessible. Perhaps your favourite SEND blogger works with venues and events to ensure they are more accessible, or they may share handy hints to make your day-to-day life easier.

Educating Education - This category is open to both parents and non-parents. Whether you want to celebrate a SENCO or teacher who goes above and beyond or a fellow home-schooler who shares tips and advice, this award is for anyone who makes parents realise there is hope for their child’s education.

Community Support - Which local groups make a difference to you and your families lives? The winner of this category could be a national group who in turn run regional groups, or smaller, parent-led groups who meet for coffee or have an online group for support.

Wellbeing - This award celebrates those who write about health and wellbeing. This could be a blogger, website, or even a podcast that shares tips, advice or their experiences in the hope of helping others.

Please use this link below to nominate - me or others. You would need my name (Steph Curtis), a contact email (stephstwogirls@gmail.com) and my blog url (www.stephstwogirls.co.uk). Thank you!


collage of lots of SEND bloggers
Not quite sure why I felt the need to get in nearly every photo...?!

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