Friday 29 January 2010

Hearing test success!

Today is a great day. Was fretting last night over taking Sasha to a hearing test this morning, as the last time we went for one in December she wasn't interested at all in doing what the lady wanted her to. So this time I explained about our 'maybe' diagnosis, and that I thought it best to just do a physical check as she would be unlikely to 'play ball' (or stack the blocks on poles when she heard a sound in this case ;) ). Typically Sasha then went on to prove me wrong, and played the 'game' perfectly straight away and without any complaints! She heard most of the noises and it was obvious she could and that she knew what she was doing, which was such a great relief. The physical check did show no result instead of a peak, which means her ears are quite waxy and she has glue ear, which in turn I'm guessing could be a contributory factor to her poor speech - or maybe even the cause? Next appointment there in 2 months hopefully - at least now I'm not dreading going back, and Sasha won't remember it as an evil place!

Still no word from speech therapy, so off to chase again. Looking forward to another lazy weekend... :)