Wednesday 9 February 2011

Humour - is it over-rated??!! Let's all be happy!

Ho hum. Now I've opened my blog up to the world and his wife, I'm suddenly feeling immense pressure to 'perform' on it. You know, like write witty comments, or take super-amazing photos. Well I'd have to be honest and say I used to think my writing was OK - nothing special, but OK. At least having a teacher for a mum taught me how to spell and 'do' grammar. Since joining the blogging network however, I've dipped into so many other people's lives, and enjoyed so many of the posts, that I feel somewhat inadequate now. I'd love to be making everyone laugh and smile, but I guess this blog wasn't about that originally; it was more of a diary for me so I could remember (well I am getting old now!) and hopefully look back and see the progress (of course there has been lots of that).

So I'm going to cheat and post some links which have made me laugh or smile, in the hope that they brighten everyone else's day, and hopefully I'll remember to throw in some other light-hearted stuff every once in a while. Like today, when Sasha told me unprompted 'had all lunch in car mummy' - may not sound like much to most, but for me that was a 'melting moment' as it's the first time she's actually volunteered any information about what has happened in her day. Usually she wouldn't even answer questions about it, so this was a huge step forward :)

OK so here's just a couple of links for starters, enjoy and smile!

Too cute


Labour Dos and Donts



Life is for laughing and living. PMA - so grateful that even those times when I'm a bit down I can make it back up again by looking at photos :)


  1. Hi Steph, Lisa told me about your blog. Good on you for writing it. As a seasoned Seeds & Saps contributor you are clearly a good writer and I totally remember one of your articles once making me laugh out loud in the bath! I started blogging too in November and have found it to be one of the best things I have ever done. There is a certain freedom in writing it and a wonderful camaraderie amongst bloggers. Have you joined The British Association of Mummy Bloggers? Sounds scary but its just like Facebook for parent bloggers, lots of support and groups to join. I think you will find yourself in the 'inspirational' category and you'll soon have regular followers. Ren

  2. Thanks for the link! I'm really loving your blog, so much so that I've added you to my Blogroll!

    My mum was also a teacher by the way...teacher mothers and both Take That fans, freaky! Your girls are beautiful by the way.x

  3. Very cute, Steph. That is lovely that Sasha said 'had all lunch in car mummy'. Great progress! We think about you all often and would love to see you all again soon. We have many happy memories of St Albans. Much love.xx

  4. Thank you for listing my post (labour dos and dont's) I only knew you had from people clicking through to my blog from yours. I read you piece and then spent some time reading your blog. You write beautifully. You also gave a feeling of warmth and there is humour in your entries. You now have new follower :-)

  5. Only just found these comments... slowly getting up to speed with technology! Thanks for all the nice words.
    Michelle we miss you come back soon!
    Ren, am on BMB and following your blog although I'll admit I'm a baker but not a cooker!!
    mothersalwaysright am already following your blog and it's one of my favourites. Thanks for saying they're beautiful, I think so too (but I'm biased ;))
    Daddynatal thanks for your lovely words, glad you read and enjoyed. Not sure how I can follow your blog but will try and work it out!! You speak good sense :)

  6. Hi Steph! Recently linked up with you on twitter (ValOD1)and now have found and followed your Blog! Lovely happy photos and links :-)

    xx Jazzy (Blog Gems)

  7. Hi Jazzy, welcome on board! Following you right back :) see you on Twitter soon - just about managing to remember who is who when the names are different ;)


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