Sunday 27 February 2011

What could sway your child from going on the computer?

Well, for Sasha, today, it was the good old fashioned game of Twister. She was getting to melting point after seeing big Sis have her turn on the computer (it was definitely Tamsin's turn!) and so I scrabbled around for alternatives for her to play with. The iPad? Nope, already done that. My iPhone? Nah, done that too. The million other toys sitting around the house? No, none of them were any good, she just wanted the computer. Until I suggested Twister. Brilliant - as long as you play by Sasha's rules of course (take note, anyone coming to visit). That means you play as a single player and have to stand just off the mat to start. When a colour and feet (or hands) are shouted out, you have to use 2 hands or 2 feet, on adjacent spots. And jump to change them to a different colour when the next action is called. So no Twisting at all in fact. And then after 4 or 5 calls, you switch turns. This happens at great speed and is ever so slightly frustrating, but still definitely worth it to see the pleasure it gives her. Her latest 'quirk' is to say 'good boy, well done' when you do something right - I must have told her 10 times to say 'good girl' to me as I'm not a boy but it just wasn't sinking in...

Managed to dash out to shops alone briefly yesterday and today (wow, twice in one week, husband has excelled himself!!) and have picked up a Peppa Pig potty for Sasha. Just for decoration really. She's still insisting she won't wear big girl knickers... boy am I looking forward to that battle in a few weeks/months time! Anyhow I did feel slightly nostalgic (if that's the right word) as I raced around Next looking for girls' tights; as I saw all the pretty spring outfits which have come into stock I was reminded how much I miss being able to choose those pretty baby clothes and outfits for the girls. Tamsin is now definitely old enough to have her own opinion, although she's not really sure what she wants unless it says Hello Kitty on it (pants, vests, tights, socks, skirts, tops, swimming costumes, hoodies... the list is endless!). I so enjoyed the stage where I knew I could buy her anything pink and frilly or sparkly and she would love it. Sadly never really had that with Sasha, as presumably due to sensory issues (the next thing we need to get properly checked out) she has always been very particular about what she wears. Back in an old post I would have mentioned how she refused socks for almost a year, and then at some point last year she stopped wearing anything except dresses, though she did fall back into wearing socks with leggings. For the past couple of months she has refused leggings, and now wears tights with the dresses, although really she'd rather not be wearing anything at all. So what, you may think, that should make her summer wardrobe easy to buy? Well yes, I'm hoping so, but of course she may just change her mind again by then to be awkward :) Fortunately Tamsin was never really a trouser fan either so we have plenty of dresses Sasha could wear - the trouble is, she chooses not to wear most of them and is incredibly fussy about fabric, style etc. Her 'party dress' is a firm favourite and *ahem* she's gone to sleep in it tonight. Not a usual occurrence, but as she is SO good at bedtime now I try not to create a fuss about anything. I'd better just add it's not a frilly fancy thing, just a short sleeved stripey jersey dress which she took a shine to and named 'party dress' for no particular reason, though I'm sure she has worn it to one or two. Hey ho, in the grand scheme of things, does it really matter what we wear to bed?!


  1. Loved the Twister description, sounds like lots of fun!

  2. Thanks Windmill. It is funny the first 10 times, but after that gets a bit tedious if I'm being comletely honest... ;)


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