Tuesday, 2 October 2012

One Direction. When is old too old?

Today it's all about Tamsin. She recently spent some time extensively browsing the Argos catalogue and so we have already been given her Christmas list to pass on to Santa:

She can, of course (says Competitive Mum), write much neater*  than that..... I'm guessing she was just carried away with the excitement of the whole exercise. Also, I can confirm she is not Irish ('tings' always makes me laugh though).

I do need to have a word about a couple of the entries, just to make sure we are singing off the same song sheet. No idea what a Shnooks is, but it sounds fun! Suspect 10 par is nothing to do with golf, but it's always best to make sure.

Then there's THE issue. I've highlighted it in yellow. 

Let me clear something up; it does state Harry from 1D (that boy band otherwise known as One Direction) and not Harry from number 10 (she may have got the Royals confused with the Prime Minister, an easy mistake to make). 

The trouble with that is that he's on MY Christmas list. I've heard he likes an older lady. How can I break that news to her?! Oh, never mind, I'm such a kind mummy that I'll agree to settle for one of the others instead, and Christmas peace will reign in our house.

*(grammar fans, please let me know, is it much neater or more neatly?! I've agonised over that for a good ten minutes. Am sure my mum the teacher would know but she's not available for questioning...)


  1. Perhaps she's after the Harry doll? I presume there is one :)

    1. Well in that case who am I to say no?! He'd be lonely on his own though... maybe one for mummy too :)

  2. I'd go with much neater rather than more neatly, but I'm no expert, it just sounds better to me. I suppose I should get my girls to write out their Christmas lists, doubt if anyone from One Direction will be on them though, so there will be no competition here ;)

    1. Ah, sorry, the mum teacher has already picked me up on it and it is in fact more neatly. :) It will be Christmas before we know it, yikes!

  3. love the christmas list - our sons (also moshi fans - not 1direction fans though) also started theirs months ago. I actually ended up binning them my accident and now they keep saying that they need to find their christmas lists whilst I keep trying to encourage them to write new ones! I stumbled upon your blog following the links from the photo tots 100 comp but am glad I found you - our eldest (now 8) also has a diagnosis of aspergers / ASD and I kind of wished I had blogged about it from the outset just to have a means of getting it out my system and not have quite so many sleepless nights as we did being stressed out with things whirling in our heads. anyway, i am rambling on and am just trying to say thank you!

  4. yep, Moshis are everywhere in our house - they have taken over! Lists are very helpful I find :) glad you found me, will check back on yours again too. x


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