Saturday 10 November 2012

Diary of a 7 year old - all the important things covered.

Tamsin, our 7 year old daughter, was really keen to post something she had written herself on my blog.

I left it really open, and said she could write about anything - so she did. Here's her story of our wonderful half term, which she obviously enjoyed! I've added some photos in for her.....

Monday 3/11/12
it was baking day! I made monsters, witches , mummys and eyeball cakes.

we went to Ashridge. We climbed up a tower and came down it. We then bought a RUDOLPH! yes we did.

HALLOWEEN! I went to my friends party for Halloween.

I got to go to Moshi monsters HQ. Me and Sasha had poppet face paint on our eye brows.

today we went to a friend's house (which has a swimming pool). We then went to 360.

today I went to my friend Daisy's house before we both went to the village hall for fireworks.


  1. Sounds like a fabulous week for a 7 yo! Lucky girl!

    xx Jazzy


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