Monday 12 November 2012

Mummy 'Me' Time and cakes. A good mix (ho ho).

Oooh, get me. I only went and had a bit of 'me' time yesterday..... lucky old me!

My main passion in life is of course Take That, but my second favourite thing is cakes. Not eating them, funnily enough - I can take or leave a cake, but show me a choccy biccie and I crumble (ho ho).

I like to decorate cakes. Any size or shape will do, though my current preference is for cupcakes. Well yesterday I took a whole day out to visit the Cake International Fair at the NEC in Birmingham with a great friend, and boy what a day we had!

There's too many fantastic photos for me to be able to include them all sadly. I'm going to have to let these pictures speak for themselves, but I will just say that yes, these are ALL edible, even the very special flowers, and yes, that chicken is made of cake and not chicken!!! Not sure I'll be attempting that any time soon...