Saturday 3 November 2012

Moshi HQ - we love Moshi Monsters!!

This week the Good Luck Fairy must have sprinkled a little extra our way, as we suddenly found ourselves with a midweek invite to Moshi Monsters HQ in London, on a day in the half term holiday that Mr C had already booked off from work. Fortunately we hadn't planned anything else exciting to do, and both girls had just about managed to stave off the dreaded cold lurgy, so off we toddled to that there big city.

We drove to the station, jumped on a train, switched to Underground Ernie and then completed the journey by bus - so several modes of transport covered, which kept Mr C, oh sorry I mean the girls, happy for the day.

With 65 million fans worldwide I'd be surprised if you are reading this and do not yet know about Moshi Monsters... feel free to check out but do come right back!

The event was set up by the PR company, for mummy bloggers specifically, so that we could be shown the great Moshi toys which will be out for Christmas. We arrived just after 10am and were the first family there, which was just perfect for my shy and not-so-keen-on-crowds girls. We got to play with a variety of toys, which I will go into a bit more detail about below:

Then the girls were invited to have their faces painted. Well, this was not just any old kiddies face painter. We watched an artist at work, as you can see: 

Unsurprisingly, this is an award winning face painting and body art lady - check out her website at

Next up the girls got to eat cake, and they played in the Moshling treehouse:

Then it was time for a toilet trip (sorry, but I couldn't resist these photos... I want these stickers for our doors at home!):

 Finally, we had a bit more of a play (Mr C was especially fond of the colouring wall), watched the brand new soon-to-be-released Moshi TV episode (actually filmed in the offices) and then made our very happy way home.

So, on to the products. There's a new DS/3DS game out, called Moshlings Theme Park (RRP £29.99/£34.99). This is top of Tamsin's list.

There's an App Monster (RRP £19.99) which is a soft Moshi toy wearing headphones which can be brought to life by inserting an iPhone or iPod Touch. Sasha really enjoyed this one (and me!).

Then there's the Bobble Bots Moshlings (RRP £4.99) and their house to play in (RRP £29.99)

There's a Limited Edition Rox Collection Tin (RRP £9.99) and an Ooh La Lane play set with 97 building pieces (RRP £29.99), an annual and a book - The Night Before Twistmas, and then the 'BIG' playset which is Super Moshi HQ (RRP £24.99). This includes a free spinning lift, a spinning TV, Rox Towers, a rotating chamber and even an exclusive Elder Furi figure. Perfect for my 7 year old and any children who love a bit of roleplay.

*Disclaimer: We were invited along to try the toys out, and my girls received a bag to take home containing a Bobble Bot and Moshi magazine, which they loved! We were not specifically asked to write this review of the event or products, but have done so because we love these toys and the whole Moshi brand and so are happy to spread the word.


  1. I'm going to have to remember where you are in relation to London and pass on all my PR emails. Really glad you enjoyed this one - sounds as though the girls really enjoyed it.

  2. Sounds fantastic! I'm glad the girls had such a great time. moshi is pretty special isn't it. Despite being so mega huge they still care about their fans so much. Wish more organisations were like that! X

    1. yep - the HQ looked like a real fun place to work! lucky them!!


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