Wednesday 6 March 2013

Justin Bieber. Yes or No?

OK, it's late, and maybe my brain isn't working quite as it should.

Justin Bieber. Good or Evil?

Being one of the biggest boy band fans ever (TT rule!), I would have thought he'd be right up my street. OK, OK, I know he's not a band... well maybe a one-man-band?! Maybe I'll just have to come clean and admit it's the baby faces I can't resist (anyone shouting Cougar rather loudly?!).

I think way back when 'The Bieber' first appeared I was temporarily interested, but shortly after I discovered he was only 16 and definitely not legal. His music was OK (don't judge me), but not really enough to hold my interest. Tonight, whilst doing the ironing, I've just seen him on my recorded Let's Dance For Comic Relief (how fab is that programme?!), and you can see the pop star oozing out of him. Cocky and confident, sickly smooth... but hand up, I did actually love the song he sang, and I believe that boy has talent. It's nothing to do with the way he looks, he's not really my cup of tea (honest).

I saved the recording to show my 7 (nearly 8) year old, but then I wondered if that was a good idea. Is he the kind of role model that I should be letting my daughter swoon over? In the news lately I heard that he had come on stage late for one of his concerts, at 1030pm - extremely late in my view for a concert where there would be lots of young fans. No real reason given for the lateness that I heard of, though to be fair I could have just missed hearing it. If One Direction did that (listen up, boys) for the concert I will be attending with Tamsin, then I would be furious. I'm not sure they could take the media outcry to be honest.

So how has good old Justin got away with it? Does he have so many fans he just doesn't care? Or is it that everyone loves a bad boy really?

I'm just not sure I should be deliberately helping my little girl to join the followers of such a mass entity (although obviously I'm powerless to stop her catching him on some kiddy channel some time soon). Somehow I'm not quite sure that Ed Sheeran would have the same pull though. Over to you, love him or hate him (Justin I mean - surely everyone loves Ed...?!)?


  1. "Justin Bieber. Good or Evil?" That made me giggle :) Seriously though, perhaps he is just growing up, and growing out of his cute looks, so trying to develop a new persona as a 'bad boy' of pop?

    1. Ah, he's still quite cute ;) was never that fussed about bad boys myself, so hopefully Tamsin will be just like me :)


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