Friday 8 March 2013

Sasha-isms part 3. Unusual use of language from our ASD girl.

Sasha, our younger daughter, is 5 but will be 6 in June. She comes out with phrases that amaze and tickle me every day, and I only wish I'd remembered to write them all down as we went along, as I'd have a book-full by now!!

'When we die, we change to a whole new world, don't we mummy?'
'Er... yes, I guess so darling.' (she's only 5, no need to go into too much detail yet....)
'Well I want to go to Pocoyo World then.'

'Wow Mum, it sure is busy in here tonight!'

Said on Halloween, shopping in Marks and Spencers at 5pm when it was probably the quietest I've ever seen it....

Her 3 favourite expressions: 'Busy, busy, busy. You know me mum, always busy, lot to do!'
'How COULD you?!'
'hey, what's the big idea?!'

'I'm going to trick on you!' 
(think this means play a joke on you/make you laugh!)

Me, whispering, 'go and say thank you and Merry Christmas to her then'.....
Sasha bounds back into the room and shouts 'Gracias! Feliz Navidad!' (and no, the person she was thanking doesn't speak Spanish!) 

Sasha has greeted all her classmates with 'Hola, Freddie*' (*or name of whoever she sees) for several months now. One of the children today saw her coming (literally) and shouted out 'Hola Sasha', so Sasha paused for a millisecond, then retorted with 'Ni Hao, Suzy'!! ('Hi' in Mandarin, in case you were wondering...)

At bedtime, Sasha said 'Mummy, I don't want to do swimming lessons any more. All my swimming energy has gonned away'.

'I don't like the Numbertaker' (current obsession at this particular time = Numberjacks on YouTube). 'He's just too Numbertaker-y'.

Just randomly, out of the blue, whilst sitting in the back of the car, Sasha exclaimed 'oh dearie me!'. About nothing in particular, apparently. It's not a phrase I ever use... where does she get them from?! It did make us all giggle though...

Tonight, as I tried to explain to Sasha how it wasn't good to try and be in charge all the time when she's on a playdate, because that would make the other person sad, and if she makes everyone sad, she'll have no friends, she looked forlorn and said 'that makes my tears already come mummy'. Which of course made my eyes prick. This is going to be the biggest issue for us going forward, trying to teach her social interaction in a positive, non-controlling way....


  1. Pricelss! I really should start writing down gems such as these myself. Latest fave from Natty "I've got a tummy ache." Where?" "In my head."

    1. Oh yes, similar here - and have been asked for the 'magic' bandage for a tongue or a lip before now :)

  2. Haha, Sasha says the most adorable things. I'm sure it's extra special coming from her.

    1. Special language yes. Funny how the things she says are not really wrong, but somehow not quite right either!!

  3. Aww she'd brighten up anyone's day :)

    1. She is a sweetie and often makes me smile, it's true :)

  4. Aww she'd brighten up anyone's day :)

  5. She's so funny :-) I've got a funny girl too, when she was 3 she picked up a stick, waved it around and said she was a 'biscuit ear' It took a while to figure it out but we had recently watched Barbie and the Three musketeers with her older sister!

    1. Tee hee, love that Anne! Reminded me of knickers, which have been known as 'mickers' in our house for some time now!


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