Sunday 3 March 2013

Sponsored Silence for Comic Relief and #TeamHonk

I'm so proud of our big girl, Tamsin. She has decided, completely of her own accord, that she would like to raise some money for Comic Relief.

 Her idea was a Sponsored Silence - for a whole hour! Believe me, that's a long time for a 7 year old girl who likes to chatter.

She is in the middle of it right now, so I've signed her up to join #TeamHonk's page (they're good you know, they've climbed Snowdon this weekend!). She doesn't know about this yet, and I'm not going to tell her mid way through else she might break the silence and squeal with excitement. 

She approached close family members directly to ask for some sponsorship, but I do know that she would be SO SO SO SO chuffed if even one person who is not close family could sponsor her online..... just £1 would do, and every single penny counts towards Comic Relief.

So please, if you can find it in your hearts to make one big small girl very happy this bright Sunday morning, we (and Comic Relief) would be grateful from the bottom of our hearts.
Here's the link you'd need to click if you can spare £1...

and not wanting to detract from this, so I'm putting it v v v v small, Mr Curtis is running the London Marathon on behalf of the NAS (National Autistic Society) this year.  His donation page is :

Today he's about to set off to go and run theSilverstone Half Marathon... Good Luck Mr C!

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