Sunday 15 December 2013

Make Christmas Magic - Santa videos and Santa Sprint app!

Every year since the girls have been old enough, I have enjoyed creating magical videos for them from Portable North Pole

PNP is an amazing website where you can personalise a message from Santa to your child by adding memorable information and photos. The look on my girls' faces when they watch what Santa has to say to them, and wait to hear whether they are on his naughty or nice list, is priceless.

It's so quick and easy to do; you are guided through some simple steps such as clicking to say if it's a boy or girl, saying how old they are and choosing what 'targets' they've been given during the year (thumb sucking and tooth brushing for example...). It's simply brilliant - go on, give it a try!

Just for you lovely readers, I have a great offer: a discount code for 20% off digital products in the PNP store valid until 1st January - BLG20BKP.

The same people behind this have also released a brand new app for your ipad or iphone this year. Called Santa Sprint, it's available for download from the Apple store and is £1.99. My girls have loved playing this game - a bit like that old arcade game with a yellow thing that went around munching, but an updated version. Lots of levels which have provided hours of endless amusement. We definitely recommend it!

Disclaimer: we received free versions of these products to test out but all views expressed here are our own. We liked them so much that we can safely say we would have spent the money on them anyway!