Sunday 1 December 2013

Moshi Monsters The Movie

Moshi Monsters The Movie will be in cinemas from December 20th, but we were an egg-stremely lucky family and saw the film today *squeals*!
We were invited to a special viewing (with just a couple hundred other people) at the Odeon in Leicester Square today. It was a fang-tastic event, as anything to do with Moshi Monsters always is, and I'm happy to report that lots of children are in for a treat closer to Christmas when they get to see this in the cinema. 

I don't want to give too much away, but I can tell you that the film stars all six Moshi Monster characters, who travel the world of Moshi together, hunting down a very special egg that the naughty Dr Strangeglove has stolen. Poppet and Katsuma are the main stars, along with Mr. Snoodle, but your children will get to see all their favourite Moshlings along the way. 

The film has plenty of funny moments, even at the slightly scary times, and some very catchy tunes (apparently the soundtrack will also be available on CD). I loved watching Sasha's face particularly at the start, as she was delighted to see her favourite, Poppet, talking! Sadly her autism means that she struggles with films usually (lots of noise and sensory overload), but she managed to stay for nearly an hour of this one which is unheard of. I was very proud of her, and it's a good indication of how captivating the film was. Tamsin loved it too of course, though she did cry at the sad bit (don't worry, it all turns out OK in the end) adult smileys

I'm always very impressed that Mr Moshi himself (Michael Acton Smith) turns up to every event and mingles with the fans - the children who love his product so much. He is always friendly and happy to pose for photos, and I think he really understands the children which is why his brand has done so phenomenally well. 
I was even more impressed today to hear that the film was produced, directed, shot, everything in the UK; no mean feat in an industry where Hollywood seems to rule everything. I like the fact that Mr Moshi is loyal to his birthplace and strong enough to promote it when he can.

In a nutshell, we would definitely give this film a huge thumbs up and say get to your local cinema on December 20th or soon after! 

Disclaimer: we were given tickets to attend this screening but we weren't asked to write this post and all views are completely our own.