Tuesday 3 June 2014

The Girls: #BahlsenBakeOff Film Stars

This half term we were excited to get the chance to take part in the #BahlsenBakeOff. A lovely hamper arrived with Choco Leibniz biscuits (my favourite!) and Zoo biscuits, aprons and hats, and a couple of recipe books.

The idea was that we should film our baking activities in the kitchen, in any way we chose. My two were keen on having a go as the stars - but separately, mind you; both wanted the limelight! So I've ended up with two videos to show you. Amazingly, although our youngest, Sasha, didn't see or hear Tamsin do her 'presenting', and we didn't discuss at all what went on, the two videos ended up remarkably similar! See what you think below (they're not very long, I promise):

Tamsin did a small amount of planning with a rough preparation of some script to get her going (actually I think she improved as she improvised more) and we had only three 'out-takes'. 

Our mini Naked Chef Sasha, on the other hand, waltzed into the kitchen and did it all in one go! Hmmmm, so which Nick Jnr characters get involved in YouTube cookery clips I'm wondering?! 'Remember, cooking chocolate is a grown-up thing to do!'

The delights of the #BahlsenBakeOff

Linking this up with the lovely Raisie Bay blog - finally, I've had time to blog about my Kids In The Kitchen!