Monday 15 September 2014

Shopkins Small Smart Supermarket Playset - Superfans Review!

If you have children but you haven't yet heard of Shopkins, I am sure you soon will. 
Shopkins were launched over summer in America and are the next craze set to sweep the UK in time for Christmas.

They are small grocery-themed collectible toys aimed at girls, and their appeal is that they are tiny and cute replicas of things you would find on the shelves in supermarkets. I'm almost addicted myself - I mean, just look at that adorable margarine tub! 

There are over 140 different items to collect, from Sweet Treats to Frozen Food, and they come in a variety of Limited Edition, Rare and Ultra Rare (with a special finish).

Both our girls managed to become aware of these products via YouTube clips (and that whole issue is another post in itself), where they watched a very excitable American gal called Cookie Swirl C reviewing them. Now they've become Shopkins superfans themselves.

We have already acquired quite a few of these cute little items and they are all loved and played with constantly. The small starter 2-packs of Shopkins come in blind bags packaged in a cute little shopping basket (not the bags shown in this pic; see below for the baskets).

So it's fair to say I just may have been teleported to the top of the 'Mum Of The Year' list when I was able to announce that we had been chosen to review the Shopkins Small Mart Supermarket Playset.

The Small Mart Playset comes with two of the Shopkins collectibles and is a mini store, with doors that open. It also includes a cash register with a moving conveyor belt, a 'lift' with slide for the toys to play on, two shopping bags and a shopping trolley. Then there are shelves which are perfect for both displaying and storing your Shopkins. 

Small Mart supermarket playset


Our eldest daughter, Tamsin, loved the idea of creating her own review of this product. She would be so pleased if you could do a quick click to watch her clip and maybe even give it a thumbs up or comment?

We're working on losing the fake American accent and how to focus a camera next week! 

The Shopkins range is being distributed by Flair in the UK. At a RRP of £24.99 this Supermarket Playset is definitely aimed at the Christmas gift market, but I think that is a fair price as it will have a longstanding play value. There are other small playsets which will provide hours of entertainment too - I know what my girls are asking for on their Christmas lists this year, and I suspect some more pocket money will be spent on the characters in the meantime!

We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review, but have not received payment. All the views expressed here are our own.