Monday 29 September 2014

We love Nintendo Tomodachi Life! (Review)

It's no secret that we are big Nintendo fans in this house; the girls love all of their games and as parents we are happy to admit to enjoying them too!

After our day out at Lollibop, where we spent some time exploring the Nintendo stand, Tilly decided to use a chunk of her pocket money (which she had been saving) to purchase one of their newest offerings - Tomodachi Life.

'Tomodachi' means 'friend' in Japanese apparently, and this game is all about friends and watching them interact. You start off with your own Mii character, which you can customise by choosing eyes, hair colour, nose size, clothes and so on. You can also import Mii characters which you may have already created in other games, or take a photo of someone you know and this then generates a Mii itself - very clever!

The next step is to then give your Mii character a voice, and you can adjust the pitch, tone and accent settings for hilarious results. Personalities can also be dished out - 16 unique characteristics to be mixed and matched for anything from pushy and competitive to kind and honest. Here's one of Sophie's Mii creations - she likes candyfloss and crisps apparently.

The Mii characters then live on two islands which have a seemingly infinite array of activities to offer. Form bands and perform songs, go shopping for new clothes or have fun at a funfair, with or without your friends. The Mii characters can fall in love, decorate homes and even have babies - how exciting! You can also play mini games with your characters, so there's never a dull moment.

Honestly, I can say this is one of the best Nintendo games we have ever purchased for our 2DS (it's also available for 3DS of course). The girls go back to it time and time again, and never seem to tire of it. I'm tempted to have a go while they are asleep....