Monday 28 September 2015

Baking update. Cupcake special!

It's been a while since I blogged about my second love (after my family) so I thought I'd better write a quick post now. The reason 'why' will become clear in the following days (she says with a HUGE grin on her face).

I don't know how many people know, other than those at school who've previously seen me stagger through the gates laden down, but I do love a bit of baking.

So I'm shamelessly pulling together a picture post of some of my efforts in the past, all of which can no doubt be improved upon. I try to do themed birthday cakes for the girls each year, but cupcakes are my true love. Personally I don't know how anyone can eat them with all that buttercream piled up on top, but I know they do. Either that or they just tell me they do so as not to hurt my feelings.....

Anyhow, I still need to work on my photography skills so apologies for the lack of style and arrangement, but here in no particular order are some of the cupcakes I've made: