Friday 4 September 2015

Gameband + Minecraft Review

So I don't know about you, but our summer holidays have definitely had their fair share of Minecraft days sprinkled generously throughout (note: we had the usual UK summer weather to contend with).

Luckily, we found out fairly early on that there is a fab new product on the market, the Gameband + Minecraft, and we were offered the chance to review one. Oh yes pretty please, we said (or words to that effect).

Gameband Minecraft

The Gameband + Minecraft is a wearable device, which means it's a bit like having a USB drive on a wristband. It enables you to save Minecraft worlds built on your own computer and take them with you to play on other computers, maybe round at a friend's house (that's what kids these days do for entertainment apparently. I'm relieved to know it's not just mine who are hooked).

You simply plug the band into the USB port and if your friend has Minecraft loaded on their own computer then you can share your world design and both work on it at the same time. If you're at a house of non-Minecrafters then a) you need to educate them, which this band can help to do, and b) you can plug your band in to any Windows PC or a Mac, and still play on your own Minecraft world, even without the main programme. This means no more pain of holidays without Minecraft!

Minecraft Gameband

The Gameband + Minecraft saves your worlds as you work and also backs them up onto cloud servers at the same time. If you ever lost it, you can simply order a replacement which will have all your data saved ready to go again. 

Minecraft Gameband

That's not all it is though of course.. It's a watch and a fashion accessory (!) which can be personalised. It comes with the PixelFurnace app pre-loaded and the first thing our 10 year old girl wanted to do was programme the band to show her own design. You get a choice of four, which you can cycle through by pressing a button. Our girl also has her initials and a message about Miners flashing up, apart from the monster (?!) in this pic:

I love that she could easily follow the instructions to do that all by herself; it gave her a great sense of achievement. The band is made from durable plastic and stainless steel, and is scratch resistant and splashproof.

The Gameband + Minecraft is out now, retailing at £69.99, and available at Currys. For much more info on this fab product please do head over to

Disclosure: we were sent this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are honest and our own.