Wednesday 4 November 2015

Dream Toys 2015

At about this time every year, the Toy Retailers Association announces their Top 12 Dream Toys for the year, and they're generally pretty good at predicting what will be on most Christmas lists. As my career before children was Toy and Stationery Buyer for a couple of big retailers, I do still like to follow what's going on in these areas and we enjoy doing product reviews when we get the opportunity.

Today's trip out was all about viewing these toys along with another fifty, and speaking to the companies involved. It made a pleasant change from sitting at my computer desk! I'm going to let you know the Top Twelve of course, but then I'll highlight a couple of my faves and those that I think the girls will be asking for...

So the top twelve Dream Toys are (in alphabetical order):

City Deep Sea Exploration Vessel                                   LEGO Company                RRP £79.99
Disney Frozen Sing-A-Long Elsa                                     Jakks Pacific                     RRP £39.99
IDO3D Deluxe 3D Design Studio                                     Flair Leisure Products        RRP £39.99
Little Live Pets Cleverkeet                                              Character Options              RRP £59.99
Paw Patrol Paw Patroller                                                Spin Master Toys              RRP £59.99
Pie Face                                                                        Hasbro                             RRP £19.99
Shopkins Food Fair – Scoops Ice Cream Truck                 Flair Leisure Products       RRP £19.99
Star Wars Bladebuilder Jedi Master Lightsaber                  Hasbro                            RRP £49.99
Star Wars Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle                           LEGO Company              RRP £99.99
Star Wars The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon              Hasbro                           RRP £119.99
Thunderbirds - Interactive Tracy Island Playset                  Vivid Toy Group              RRP £79.99
Toot - Toot Friends Busy Sounds Discovery Home             Vtech Electronics           RRP £44.99

It's worth bearing in mind that these are suggested retail prices, and as most of these are widely available from a variety of retailers you can probably find yourself a bargain somewhere in the coming weeks (but don't leave it too long, else you risk stock selling out!).

Both my girls are huge Shopkins fans so we definitely have the Ice Cream Truck at the top of our list, and their Fashion Boutique looks fab too. Anything in that range will always be a winner!

Shopkins Stella Stapler... soooo cute!

Paw Patroller... this is a BIG item!

Youngest adores Paw Patrol so any of those branded products would be a hit too. The Little Live Pets Cleverkeet is indeed very clever and would be loved, and Pie Face looks like fun - as long as Daddy is the target....

Other toys which impressed today were the J.J. Jumpin' Pug from Hasbro (£49.99), Lego's Elsa Sparkling Ice Castle (£34.99), Peppa Pig Storytime Castle Playset (£19.99), Puppy Surprise (£24.99), and I'm intrigued by the 3D pen though I sadly didn't get to see it in action.

I know the girls would love some Kinetic Sand so that's now on the list (£19.99 for a great playset including a helpful tray!) and the two games from John Adams Leisure, The Greedy Sheep Game (£21.99) and Tipping Point (£19.99) are ones which I know we could have a lot of fun with.

Hope you enjoyed this round up; Good luck with your Christmas shopping!

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