Sunday 16 October 2016

AEG Heat Pump Tumble Dryer T88595IS (Review)

I'll let you into a little secret; I've been wanting to try a new tumble dryer for a while now (ever since we were told our old one might catch fire...), so I was thrilled to be asked to review the AEG heat pump dryer model T88595IS.

AEG Tumble dryer T88585IS

It can be quite difficult to make decisions about large purchases before you bring them home, as you can't always tell what you won't like about it. You don't normally get to try them out and see how easy they are to use, or how well the functions work. So I put together a little video of the tumble dryer in action, explaining what it does and what I like about it. 

Not sure I'll be invited to work on a shopping channel any time soon, but at least it gives you some ideas if you're more of a fan of watching and listening rather than reading the info! I fully intended to be quite critical, as I wanted to show you anything that might have made me think it wasn't a good buy, but there was honestly nothing about this machine that I didn't like.

Top of the tick-list for me was the fact that it is very quiet - particularly good when you have to site the machine in your kitchen. This is down to the Heat Pump technology, which gives a gentler, lower temperature drying. This lower temperature also means that you don't burn your hands if you go in to retrieve clothes mid-cycle.

It may seem like a minor thing but I love how you can switch the buzzer on or off. Constant beeping from any machine drives me crazy personally, but I can imagine that others like it as a reminder that the machine needs to be unloaded. So it's good to have the option of on or off for something so basic. 

The window door and light so you can see what's inside are also winning features for me, as is the enclosed fluff filter. That avoids the clothes being covered in fluff as you pull them out of the machine - genius! The digital display is bright and simple to understand; The water compartment is easy to pull out, and selecting programmes is done via a dial, which avoids the need for lots of buttons.

In terms of programmes, there are several to choose from. You can have the clothes comes out as 'extra dry', 'cupboard dry' or 'iron dry' after picking cottons or synthetics. There's a 'silk' setting for drying hand washable silk, and a gentle drying 'wool' option for woollen items which carry the Woolmark handwash safe symbol. There's also settings for bed linen and duvets. 

Extra options include: Dry Plus where you can adjust how dry you'd like the clothes for each setting, Anti Crease where you can extend the intermittent tumble phase from 30 minutes to 90 minutes at the end of a cycle and Delay Start which enables the start of any programme to be delayed from 30 minutes to 20 hours. The steam function is a great addition and means you can refresh clothes with wrinkles, or which have gained extra unwanted smells (such as from cooking!). Easy to use; you just add the distilled water which is sent with the product. You also get a tube to be able to drain the water directly into a sink if you prefer.

The wording I've been given about the tumble action explains it much better than I can - 'the unique AbsoluteCareTM system in this tumble dryer adjusts the drum rotation speed or direction as well as temperatures, to tailor the drying process to different types of fabrics, allowing tumble drying of even very delicate items' and 'OptiSense saves time and energy, and prevents over-drying by adjusting the cycle to the size of the load'.

The tumble dryer is going to fit extremely well into our new house renovation - next job for me is to work on the latest update post showing what stage the builders are at now, but you can see how it was looking in September by visiting House Renovation Part 7.

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