Thursday, 13 October 2016

Imagination with Skylanders Imaginators

Skylanders has been one of Sasha's particular interests over the past couple of years and she is hugely excited about the imminent release of the Skylanders Imaginators series.

In this picture, there are two elemental Traps (I think that's what she said...), the very colourful portal in the middle, a character Greg in yellow at bottom left, and Sasha as the character in pink at bottom right.

A few months ago, before we moved house and everything went a bit crazy, she treated me to some extra special pictures and her ideas of how the seventh version of Skylanders should look.

You may just notice the Wiggles and My Little Pony references.... wonder if Activision had plans for any hook-ups?!

This picture shows the super powers that this character (Greg) would have...

For her full explanation of it all, you should take a look at the video she wanted to make (an unusual occurrence for her to want to be in front of the camera for so long!):

If you read my recent post about writing progress you'll see that our girl has barely written anything for years. The words she wrote on these pictures were probably the most she'd done for a long time. Skylanders definitely fired up her imagination with the new Imaginators series and led her to this writing back in June, so thank you Activision!

I'm also so happy to be able to disprove that myth about all autistic children having no imagination....

Skylanders Superchargers
Sasha was delighted to receive a Superchargers pack after being ill in hospital

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