Tuesday 19 September 2017

Siblings {September 2017}

Siblings, siblings, it's all about the siblings.

siblings photo of Stephs Two Girls

With one out of school and the other doing full on school and after school stuff, it can seem like they have very separate lives. There's been so much going on for our family this year to be honest, and they've handled it all amazingly well.

I'd almost forgotten it was siblings photo time again, so when I did I wasn't overly hopeful that I'd get a photo of both of them in the same room. One other small challenge I generally had every month was that our youngest wasn't a fan of wearing clothes around the house. She seems to have a body temperature which runs on high permanently, and her sensory issues mean that seams or embellishments can really irritate her. Plain skin is best!

You may have noticed the tense I used there though - our happy news this week is that Sasha has just decided two days ago that at her age (she's 10), she should now be wearing clothes all the time - and nightwear to bed! It's a miracle. So far she has got herself dressed every morning and ready for bed at night. She's even made a special effort to put her own socks on when we go out (a simple task for some, but one which she has always found extremely difficult as the socks often don't 'feel right'). Fingers crossed that this new found interest in clothes lasts...

siblings photo of Stephs Two Girls
Back to Siblings.... our eldest accepted the challenge of the joint photo session and worked her magic on getting younger sister to join in happily! 

siblings photo of Stephs Two Girls

As per usual, there's not just one photo, as you can see. Due to constant movement (if I ask them to sit still, the smiles end up being so forced and fake) there was a fair bit of blurring and the odd weird expression.... but I love all those pictures too! Every one of them makes me smile and remember a fun time.

siblings photo of Stephs Two Girls

siblings collage of Stephs Two Girls

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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