Monday 13 November 2017

Monday Motivation 11 - World Kindness Day

My turn to host this week's Monday Motivation link up and it's worked out that I can bring you this in honour of World Kindness Day today!

The above quotes are all relevant this week, and tie in nicely with the release of the film Wonder, from the book shown above. I was hooked on the book from the very first page and can't wait to see the film.

Inspirational blogger Charlie (Our Altered Life) had recently written a review of this book Wonder and so I was chuffed for her when she was able to attend a preview screening of the film with her boys. Charlie was the one who then organised a secret santa type Kindness Exchange in a group we are in, and today I'm looking forward to opening my small parcel from another blogger. I'm sure that whatever it is will put a smile on my face for the rest of the day - and knowing that I've sent a gift to make someone else happy just adds to that contented feeling!

Lovely Helen who blogs over at has recently started a new linky to share kindness experiences, with the hashtag #52KindWeeks. Wouldn't it be great if we could all add one story of kindness, whether that is something you have done or something which has been done to or for you? You don't have to be a blogger, it can simply be any kindness you've seen, either online or in the 'real world'.

Here are two examples of kindness which I'd like to share with you. A couple of weeks ago I was out in town with Sasha for some last minute Halloween 'candy' shopping (her favourite American word, even though she doesn't really eat any of it). It's actually very rare for me to head into town with Sasha, as the whole experience can be so stressful for her. The upside of not being at school though, is that at least the shops tend to be quieter on a weekday when most other children are at school!

So we were 'shopping' in a big store in town - when I say shopping, I mean I was desperately trying to browse in a hurry as she repeatedly told me that she had had enough and wanted to go home. That's typical shopping for us. Anyhow, I finally resigned myself to the fact that we'd done as much as possible for that day and we started to walk towards the door of the shop. Suddenly, a lady put her arm on mine and asked if I was Steph, from Steph's Two Girls.

Cue lots of blushing from me and this lady telling me that she reads my blog. Which was lovely, but the best bit was when she actually thanked me for writing it, because she had found it helpful. That was such a kind thing for her to do, to take the time to stop me and talk to me, and it definitely made me feel better about myself for the rest of that day. So thank you reader, whoever you are (sorry I was a bit too flustered to ask your name...).

The other act of kindness which has stuck in my mind this week is actually something which took place over a longer period of time. I was reminded of it as Sasha and I unpacked boxes of her belongings sent home from her old school recently. There were toys in there which were given to her by support assistants years ago. I think she used to talk to them when she was feeling stressed at school. She was very happy to see them again, and delighted when I told her that I would sew up the old beanbag bear so that no more beads would fall out. 

Sasha always struggled with many aspects of school, but she has had great support from understanding teachers and assistants along the way (and the school dinner lady - read my old post about her act of kindness too). I'm grateful to them all, but in particular to the fabulous TA who supported Sasha through Year 4 and 5 at the Junior school. As we unpacked the box, I came across several laminated sheets of instructions which were all designed and made specifically for Sasha, to help her know what to do at school. There were also worksheets concentrating on her special interests; this member of staff went the extra mile to support Sasha and it showed. I'm honestly not sure that Sasha would have continued attending school for quite so long if it wasn't for this dedicated person and her attitude. Thank you so much.

So now onto #TheMMLinky, which is a collection of posts intended to help motivate. Two entries which stood out from last week for me were When Life Throws You A Curve Ball from Buckets of Tea, and I'll never dance the Macarena again by Raisie Bay. Two very brave ladies who definitely have the right attitude, despite their difficult circumstances.

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