Monday 27 November 2017

Monday Motivation 13 - Winter Wonderland

Today marks the start of a very busy week here; a visit to Winter Wonderland wasn't originally part of the plans. Sometimes though, you just have to seize the moment!
picture of beach with text overlay seize the moment

So that's what my Monday Motivation picture is saying this week. Seize the moments, make them count. Being spontaneous is not something we get to do very often, because forward planning is generally key to any outing or event being a success - along with a number of other factors.

An INSET day off school for our eldest was a chance for us to try something as a family, and when our original plans turned out to be impossible it suddenly hit me that it might be worth attempting a visit to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. It has only just opened for the season, so I guessed it wouldn't be too busy yet, and although Sasha struggles with travel it would only involve one train, one tube and not a very long walk to get there.

Sasha has always loved the silly humour of Sooty and so when I saw on the website that a Sooty showwith Richard Cadell, takes place every day, I hoped that it would be worth the trip for Sasha. I knew Tamsin would love everything about Winter Wonderland; all the glitzy lights and rides and stalls.
Magical Ice Kingdom at Winter Wonderland

Watching Sasha's huge grin as she watched Sooty was priceless. After that show we had a look around the freezing cold Magical Ice Kingdom, which is amazing. Sasha then plucked up the courage to go on a swing seat ride. Sadly she didn't enjoy it and wished she hadn't, even though she used to enjoy these in the past (it's a couple of years since we've been on one).
swing seat at Winter Wonderland

By this point Sasha had obviously reached her sensory limits and wanted to head home (via that Scottish chip shop place). As I've been spending every day with Sasha since she stopped attending school, we suggested her Dad took her while I stayed and enjoyed the park longer with Tamsin. Sasha wasn't happy with this idea at first as she'd have much preferred that I went home with her or we all left together, but sometimes we do have to split to make sure things are fair for her sibling. Sasha started to get very upset; after some gentle but firm talking though, she managed to pull herself together and headed off happily back to her safe place at home. Tamsin and I stayed a while longer - we enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the amazing views from the observation tower!
views from Winter Wonderland

So today we seized the moment and had lots of fun - memories of this should definitely keep us motivated until Christmas. How are you feeling motivated this week? Why not link up with us below?

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