Thursday 2 November 2017

What does it take to be a cool grandparent?

Our girls are really lucky in that they have been able to spend time with both sets of grandparents as they've grown up. Sadly not as much as we'd have liked, as neither mine nor their dad's parents live near us, but as my mum always says, that's our fault for moving away from where their homes are!
A rare occurrence - all grandparents together last December, in the middle of our building project

The girls' grandparents have been around and involved right from the beginning though and played a big part in helping us create this happy home life for the girls which means such a lot to us all. We are so very grateful for all their help and support, in a variety of ways.
My parents stripping wallpaper during our renovation project!

The question is though, are they cool grandparents? Shepherd's Friendly have created a fun how to be a cool grandparent infographic which gives some pointers as to what can be classed as cool. Their suggestions are:

  • Build a rock-solid foundation of love
  • Generosity is key
  • Become tech-savvy
  • Share life experience and knowledge
  • A good sense of humour
  • Keep up with the latest trends
  • Teach your grandchildren a new skill
  • Be spontaneous and try new things
  • Project confidence
  • Prepare for the future

Of all of these, of course love is the most important part. My girls know and will remember the love, even when the presents (of which there have also been many!) have faded to a distant memory. Time spent with the girls has been valued and I only wish I had some better photos to show for it all - I spent ages trawling back through the millions I do have and have realised my photography skills are definitely due an overhaul. I am going to include several old photos at the bottom of this post though, just for our memories.

There are some photos of grumpy faces (the girls I mean, not the grandparents) despite the fun, but many more of happy and delighted faces. There have been many ice creams bought, and lots of playing in sand and water and with bubbles etc. 

I know that my girls were 'well impressed' when my parents rode the fast Aerosmith Rock 'n' Roller coaster at Disney a couple of years ago, and also thought it was pretty cool when they donned 3D glasses...

I'm not sure how tech-savvy they would claim to be, but I think technology has definitely helped to brighten all our lives and I think it's cool for the girls that the grandparents have embraced social media and apps!  

Recently, the girls' Dad's parents visited America and brought back some unusual Halloween decorations for the girls, which were posted to them in a spookily decorated parcel, and I know the girls were super impressed with those.

As we get older ourselves I guess we'd hope to eventually become grandparents too, and at that point it would be lovely to help provide for them in some way as our parents have done for our children. That's why it's good to know that Shepherd's Friendly can help grandparents save for the future of their grandchildren tax efficiently, with one of their Young Savers plans. Of course it's not all about the money, but it would be a good feeling to know we'd helped with growing up milestones such as cars, studies and first homes.

Thanks a million to all our parents, who gave us a great start in life and have continued by looking after our children too.

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