Thursday 15 March 2018

Siblings {March 2018}

It's been a pretty exciting month here, in the run up to Sasha starting at her new school. Tamsin has been excited for her too, and it's been lovely to see the support from her big sis.
Stephs Two Girls March 2018

Today was the day, and I was of course super happy to be able to snap a pic (or two) of my two school girls together! For some reason my trusty iPhone let me down a bit this month though; the picture quality seems particularly bad, but the smiles more than make up for it I think. Roll on the warm weather when we can get back to lovely sunny photos outside though!

Last month was all about Tamsin's fab performance in the Gang Show and this month is all about Sasha's return to school, which I'm pleased to report she has managed with style. Today went really well and afterwards Sasha told me quite a lot about her day - she particularly enjoyed the school dinner of potatoes, chicken and jelly, just like what she used to eat at her old school! 

So a great start today, keeping my fingers tightly crossed that I have two school girls for a long while to come....

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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