Wednesday 18 July 2018

Siblings {July 2018}

This morning I was shouted at by Sasha for 'bothering too much about your outward appearance' when she thought that it might make her late for school. I wouldn't mind, but it had taken me literally less than a minute to sweep a dash of eyeshadow across my eyelids and dot my lips with some lipstick. That's pretty much all I do every day, and it definitely wasn't that (rather than her attention to the ipad) which nearly made us late...

After school though, Sasha was reminding me of how much she hates photos of herself, because it's embarrassing and she doesn't like the attention... yet in reality, she does love looking back over our happy memories, and as per my last post has loved the school yearbook with photos and reminders of all her old classmates.

Anyhow, what did that have to do with my regular monthly siblings update, I can hear you ask? Well for the past three days I've been trying to get a photo of my two girls together for this month's linky update. I tried gently for the first two days, then today I figured I would go all out and enlist eldest's help because I reckoned Sasha was in an 'OK' mood after school, despite this morning's upset.

I've been desperate to try and use my posh camera a little more, even though I have not had any time yet to learn how to use it properly - auto is a good mode though, right?! There's never any time to set up shots artfully when it comes to Sasha - you literally have to point and click. Even then, it's a challenge, as she's learnt the sound of the shutter and how fast she can go from smiling to frowning or silly face to beat the click.

I suggested going in the garden, which our eldest was happy to do but which Sasha was predictably less keen on (as that would mean time away from her beloved sofa and Switch). I got some lovely shots of eldest alone, but of course that's not much good for a Siblings photo...

We ambushed Sasha in her room (gently) and tried to make her laugh. Her sister is so much better at that than me.... there weren't exactly loads of laughs or smiles, but there were a few (inbetween the grimaces and the complaints about us ruining her game!). Sadly, I didn't quite manage to capture that holy grail of a shot... I guess I need to get on that photography course ASAP, huh? Will it tell me how to reduce shutter speed time for tricky portrait subjects though I wonder?!

So anyway, just for the laughs, here are a handful of the million snaps I took. It is of course rather typical that what looks like they would have been the best photos in terms of smiles (the last two), are also the blurriest. Ah well, c'est la vie! Love my girls and the bond they have.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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