Monday 21 January 2019

Siblings {January 2019}

Oops, that was close, I nearly forgot to do this month's Siblings post! I've decided to not try and do a forced photo of them together this month and to just go with a 'memory' rather than a perfect photo.
stephs two girls making slime
This was our two girls together after school one day last week. Sasha had been desperate to make some slime, but wanted to wait for her big sis to get in from school to help her with the 'recipe'. Although I think that it was more because she wanted the fun of someone else making it with her - Mum doesn't count for fun things I've learned!

This month the girls haven't spent a lot of time together, largely because our eldest is busy rehearsing show parts for most of the time at weekends. We did start the year before school restarted by going to panto, ice skating and then roller skating all together though, I just sadly have no decent photos of the two of them together from those happy times. New Year's resolution right there - try to take more photos!
stephs two girls dressed in warm snow gear
Here's an old photo which popped up in my Facebook memories last week. The girls were seven and nine at the time and I remember the occasion well; I'd woken the girls up to tell them it had snowed overnight and they were super excited. I went in for a shower and came out to find them ready and waiting like this. At this age, Sasha was not dressing herself on a typical day and always wanted my help with it; in fact she would rather not get dressed at all! The snow swung it for her. We had a few quick flurries here last week but nothing stuck, much to Sasha's disappointment. She's desperate to see some white ground again!

One final photo for this month: our two 'pretend' siblings. Our white cat will be 5 years old this year and the black one turns 1 in February. They are not from the same litter at all, but we like to call them brother and sister as they are all part of our family. It's rare to see them lying this close to each other though!
stephs two girls cats

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  1. I love it when my kids work together on something so I think that's a perfect photo, love the old photo and the one of the cats too. I call mine brother and sister too x

    1. Thanks Anne - I think I'm too keen to always get their smiley faces... no point when it's forced, anyhow! :)


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