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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Siblings ~ February 2016

Time flies when you're having fun... or even when times are a bit tougher, apparently. I can hardly believe we're over half way through February already... not long now until we find out what secondary school our eldest has been allocated, yikes.

We couldn't take our siblings pic on exactly the right day this month as Tamsin went away on a Guide camp for part of half term. So we chose today instead as there was nothing else planned, and as usual I've ended up with a million (only a slight exaggeration) different photos which all make me smile, but you probably had to be there to get the jokes.

It's so hard to pick a favourite. It could be either of these snaps where the girls fancied a spot of photobombing....

or else this perfect model pose one....

Or the one of them racing each other up and down the garden....

Or the out-of-focus one  (why oh why do the ones which would have been the best always end up blurry?!) of them hugging in our new garden...

Take your pick. I'm going to sneak in this final one as I know it's not strictly only siblings, but it will remind me of the fun time we had wallpaper stripping in our new (old) house today.

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