Tuesday 9 February 2010

Action required - but what, who, where?!

So I'm still gripped by the need to get on and DO something now - it's just knowing what to do that is the difficult bit! Managed to get hold of someone in SALT (speech and language therapy) who informed me that the usual wait from initial assessment report to actually getting speech therapy started is 6 months! So that would mean nothing happening until June, seems unbelievable. So now do we have to search for a private therapist? I certainly want to get on and try and give her the best chance to communicate - today she repeated a word about 6 times for me but I still sadly had no idea what it was she wanted, although she obviously did, and understandably that upset her.

More luck on the hearing, managed to get another appointment for the end of this month, which is fortunate seeing as their written report came through today, and it was fairly technical - i.e. I couldn't really make head nor tail of it! So will be going back to ask some more questions there.

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