Monday 22 February 2010

Good news and bad news?

So today I took Sasha for a follow up hearing test. Really it was more for my benefit to speak to a more qualified person who could maybe explain the last results better! Anyhow the same tests were done again, and Sasha behaved beautifully yet again, which is always a relief - although it was touch and go, as we had to wait 10 minutes past appointment time and she'd put her hat and boots back on and was trying to drag me out of the door when the lady came to get us!

So the frequency test she completed as well as last time, and this time they got a reading from her right ear, which means the fluid had drained so hearing all OK. Still a flat reading from her left ear, meaning some glue ear there, but they confirmed that they had no concerns over her hearing generally and they wouldn't need to see her again until she's about 4.

So good news in that her hearing is OK and we won't need to go along for more appointments, but bad news that it obviously isn't the hearing which is affecting her speech development. I guess I had been clutching at straws and hoping that bad hearing was the cause of her not being able to pronounce words properly, and it now seems that isn't the case. Which means that autism is a more likely explanation. At least it's good to have had this result before we go and see the paediatrician for the second time this week, it eliminates one aspect of her delay.

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