Tuesday 2 February 2010

A tiring day

Not such a great day today - had to leave swimming early as Sasha had had enough. Most likely she was just too tired; she seems to be worse at the moment whilst getting over her latest bout of coughing and cold. She's been ultra clingy and not happy to amuse herself, dragging me everywhere by the hand and not letting me sit still for 2 seconds! She fell asleep just as we needed to go and collect Tamsin from school, so only had a 20 minute nap, which was probably not quite enough judging by the tantrum when I could no longer carry her and wanted her to go in the buggy or walk herself - she worked herself up into such a state that I really thought she'd be sick. Another mum commented her child could be like that, and again I wondered 'normal' toddler behaviour or not?

I felt really bad for poor old husband tonight as she didn't want to be entertained by him whilst I tried to eat my tea, and again the tantrum got to 'almost sick levels'. Of course as soon as she was back sitting on my knee she was fine and as charming as ever. But she was a little cuddlier, so am forgiving her now as I think she must be under the weather still, she's not always quite so bad!

All a bit tiring so I'm off to bed now myself, zzzzzzz....