Tuesday 8 March 2011

Daylight Robbery!!

£1.10 for 3 jaffa cakes. Just checked online and in well-known supermarket could have got nearly 24 for that (or 12 if they weren't on offer!!). Even more costly when you realise that Sasha only ever wants to bite off the top chocolatey and orange bit. So that meant I had to eat remainder of 3 jaffas minus orange bump - not good for the diet.... Hey ho, that was all part of today's little trip for mummy and Sasha to the 'big' park after school nursery (where there also happens to be a lovely, but pricey cafe. Not that I got to buy anything for myself - I didn't dare ask how much a cuppa would cost!!).

Sasha has been asking to go to that park for a couple of days now, so she did really want to be there, but when I picked her up from nursery she was crying and wouldn't leave the room when her name was called, until she saw me. They had no idea why; said she had been perfectly happy until 5 minutes before. So something was obviously bothering her, and although she enjoyed everything in the park briefly she did get upset when a little boy wouldn't let her play with the steering wheel. His mum came running over, all ready to tell him off for not sharing, but really he hadn't been doing anything wrong (it was 50/50, they were both there at the same time!) and it felt just too difficult to explain to this other mum why Sasha was unusually upset about it. Even if he had shared it would have been too late for Sasha, who was obviously on a downwards spiral. Hence the expensive jaffa cakes; fortunately they seemed to do the trick and 'saved the day' to some extent.

Feeling even more like a useless mum after bedtime tonight (don't we all have days like that?!). With hubby away it was down to me to get them both in bed, and they were both tired so actually it was not all that difficult. I read to Tamsin first as I knew there was a danger of her falling asleep, but left her playing whilst I went to see Sasha off. When I got back to Tamsin she was curled up in bed, almost asleep, and as I gave her a cuddle it did make me a bit sad remembering how I used to spend lots of time with her at bedtime. I know that sounds mad, and how long it took getting her to sleep did drive me mad at the time, but the thing is I rarely get the chance to do that any more and now I miss it! Sasha still insists on me at bedtime if I'm in the house (funny how she can be good for daddy or other family members if I'm not...). You may well think 'well just say no to her/leave her to cry then', but the trouble is that Sasha is so good at staying in her room in the evening after she's let me go, and not coming out of it until we go to get her in the morning, that the prospect of 'upsetting the apple cart' is not one to be relished. Her screams for mummy would no doubt keep Tamsin awake anyhow, so it's easier to stick to the routine and Tamsin gets daddy bedtime generally these days. Can't complain really, I definitely had my fair share! Would just like to share myself around a bit more now too.

My writing is not really flowing tonight; I think waiting for Sasha's statement (or not) to come back from the council is on my mind a lot at the mo. We have been warned that the council seem keener on giving out the 'note in lieu' instead of a statement these days, which means pretty much nothing except more struggling and appeals. Not much I can do in the meantime except sit and wait, so I'm off to read some other blogs tonight!


  1. Hi Steph; food has got us out of some difficult bits as well. I remember once being in a park and my son refused to move(he was in a standing position) so everybody had to walk around him. So I had to go to the cafe in the park to buy a packet of crisps to get him back to the car. PS: I know what you mean about sharing yourself around; I still feel I'm struggling with this.

  2. Fingers crossed for the statement.


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