Tuesday 5 April 2011

Deely Boppers Update

The Deelyboppers obsession has not yet passed, so I thought I'd share this photo of how Sasha went to bed tonight - she was happy to remove them from her head and just have them on the pillow next to her before I left, thankfully!!

There was a Mothers Day Assembly in nursery this morning. Sasha was very unsettled again, just like the last time, due to the completely different layout of her room. She didn't join in with the songs or actions, but thankfully didn't create a fuss either (until afterwards, when she wasn't happy to let me go!). I wonder whether it'll be any better when the assemblies/concerts are done in the main school hall... on the one hand it won't be her normal everyday environment so she won't expect it to look the same, but on the other it's such a bigger, more imposing space, that I can't see it going much better! It's such a shame that she's never likely to get a 'starring' role in anything, or even get to sit in the middle as opposed to right at the side, as it'd probably be too much of a risk for them to take, not knowing if she was going to join in.... still, we'll see! Not giving up hope yet :)


  1. She is gorgeous - is it bad that I quite fancy those deely boppers for myself?! I think you're right not to give up hope of her having a starring role one day. She looks like a star to me. x

  2. "it's such a shame she'll never have a starring role" made me stop. I used to think that about my two children. But now I think - they don't want a starring role. They don't think it is important. I may feel it is poignant, but they don't. I have tried to stop putting MY ideas of what makes them happy onto them and it really helps me not to get as frustrated and sad. Maybe your beautiful girl would prefer to go to bed in deely boppers than be Mary at the xmas play. So good for her. Deely boppers are MUCH more fun! x

  3. Bless her, she is so lovely. My daughter is less affected by ASD yet she had a phase of going to bed in a woolly hat - I think she liked the cosy feel of it on her head & it helped her to sleep. xx


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