Sunday 24 April 2011

Easter has been fab! Cycling, swimming, trampolining, Olympics here we come!

Well today has been a very good day - I rediscovered my love of cycling after at least 5 years off (and the rest!!). Didn't know I had a love for cycling? No neither did I.

I did a good 6 miles, and admired the country side on my way. Not sure if it's my dodgy phone camera or my hands wobbling from all that riding, but here's what I saw...

Now I'm all excited about rides we can go on as a family, or girlie days out, or hiring bikes at Center Parcs etc. Maybe wishful thinking right now but we'll get there I'm sure.

I've hardly had a speck of chocolate all day (apart from the 2 small easter cakes which definitely don't count) so I'm feeling very virtuous and am about to reward myself with a creme egg. Smiley

The girls have been on top form, laughing and giggling in the pool and on trampoline, with only minor squabbles - usually Tamsin trying to fight the tide of being told what to do by bossy Sasha all the time! It is tough on her, but generally she is very understanding and I'm extremely grateful for that. My heart almost melted this eve when both girls wanted to go out for a run with daddy. To do this however Sasha wanted to wear the same outfit as Tamsin - white T and red shorts. Tamsin kindly offered unprompted to let Sasha have her top, whilst she found another, so all was well and the girls raced up and down our close beating daddy.

We've had very relaxed holidays, stayed at home nearly all the time, with some good friends coming over to join in the fun a couple of times. Now I'm getting itchy feet at the prospect of our second week off though, and I feel the need to venture out tomorrow. It'll probably be a complete disaster; once I've packed suncream, sunglasses, swimsuits, towels....everything, made lunch and persuaded Sasha that it'll be fun to go somewhere she's never been before, I'm sure it'll be the perfect day... who am I kidding?! But at least it'll be a change of scenery for Tamsin; I don't want her to feel like she never gets to go anywhere different.

The thought of queueing for rides or attractions does fill me with dread - Sasha still doesn't really understand this concept but of course looks old enough now that she should. We just have to try and go with it, have a plan B, and always be able to leave somewhere if it's not working out - which is why I often find it difficult to meet with friends outside of the house, especially those who don't understand. 'Home Sweet Home' as Sasha reminded us today - certainly is for us. Unless of course Sasha is asking consistently and insistently if we can visit a 'holiday home' or Nana & Bampi's house - but more on that in another post!

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  1. Your dream of hiring bikes at Centre Parcs reminds me of a holiday we had there a few years ago. We hired an adult-sized trike for BB as I knew he used one at school. What I DIDN'T know was that he could only pedal in a straight line, couldn't steer and didn't know how to use the brakes! So did that turn out to be a relaxing holiday? What do you think??!!


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