Wednesday 13 April 2011

#specialsaturday - and a wobbly tooth!

Well we have a wobbly tooth in the house! The first one, yay! Tamsin has been waiting a long time for this, and has been feeling sorry for herself since nearly all her school friends have already lost numerous teeth. Now she's uber-excited and can hardly sleep, so I hope it doesn't hang on in there for too long! I'm pleased for her, but at the same time it's just another of those signs that she is growing up, and won't be my 'baby' for much longer :(

There's an amazing lady called Wendy who is doing her best to raise awareness of Special Needs.

Despite having enough of her own worries, she is keen to get the message out there that these children are special in lots of ways, but that they need the understanding from everyone in order to be able to succeed. She's asked for posts about achievements, so I thought I'd share the following which Sasha has done today:

Sasha called me into the room to see the snake jigsaw which she was in the process of putting together. This is a double sided wooden snake with numbers on one side and the alphabet on the other. Sasha loves her numbers and has completed the numbers side a few times, but could never be tempted into doing the letters side. However today she had great fun fitting them all together, several times, singing her 'abc' song after every letter to work out the next one. And whilst she wasn't quite right with 'p is for mummy', she did get 'S is for Sasha' and 'T is for Tamsin' totally unprompted. Every time she completed the puzzle she would count to 10 and then do a little 'Dora' dance, followed by a bow. It may seem a strange spectacle to other people, but to me it's just cute :). She is more than capable of learning, but the issue is that it needs to be on her terms, and for that she needs to be surrounded by understanding people. Fingers crossed for her start in reception in September......

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