Sunday 10 April 2011

Pyjama Day update... thumbs up!

So at some point over the last week we hit a lucky happy phase with Sasha, and the following picture shows just how happy she was to go to school with big sis Tamsin, dressed in her brand new (pat on back mummy) Peppa pyjamas:

Phew. Could have gone either way, but of course she was happy as anything, so no doubt people wonder what I make a fuss about :).

After that exciting morning we then went on to change the routine further, and threw in a random play in the playground after collecting Tamsin from school - via a friend's house for even more variety. The playground was packed to bursting but even that didn't seem to worry Sasha, and both girls had a lovely time. Of course it wasn't a particularly relaxing experience for me; I'd love to sit down, have a picnic and a chat with the other mums & dads, but the chances of Sasha staying in one place for even 5 minutes are pretty remote! She would quite happily walk off/out of the gates and keep going without a backward look - it's difficult to get her attention without being directly in front of her. Everyone probably thinks I'm just over-protective, but hey-ho, do what I have to!

The funniest thing that day for me was when Sasha burst into song in the middle of the playground. Her chosen tune? Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport !!! Picked up from the Wiggles video she's been watching lately I guess! No-one else around picked up on what she was singing, but it did make me giggle....

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