Monday, 26 September 2011

Clean clothes on the floor... would you wash again?!

Here's two pictures from a couple of months ago which I've just come across again. They made me laugh.... though not so much at the time...

It just shows what damage Sasha can do in literally minutes if I'm not watching her like a hawk. Good old tug on the clean clothes hanging on the washing line? Oh what fun. Drag it around the grass a bit? Yes please. Drop my half finished ice lolly in a hard-to-see corner of the sofa when I'm done? Oh why not. Bit of artistic colouring on the carpet? What a good idea!

And the list goes on. It's laugh a minute round here, doncha know ;)

One of the mums from school was a bit shocked today when her child called out 'bye, Sasha Basha', but it made me giggle. Sasha really likes to rhyme other people's names all the time (lucky me, I'm Mummy Bummy). To be fair, we probably started it by calling her Sasha Basha when she was much younger - when we started to realise that she left a fair amount of mess behind wherever she went. Sasha Trasha could have been another one.... 


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